ByteBlower GUI OpenMetrics Exporter

API reference

This page describes the OpenMetrics API of the ByteBlower GUI . These metrics can be used for Prometheus and other Timeseries databases. A more general introduction to this topic is found on the support website .

This feature on this page is still in development (June 2022). Changes are expected, this documentation page is a work-in-progress.

The main advantages (v2.18) of the Prometheus exporter are:

This exporter works exports the same data as displayed in the Realtime-view. At the moment (v2.17) these are mainly results from the ByteBlower Server. In the Wireless Endpoints, no such real-time communication is happening, and thus there are also no results to export. Future releases might remove this limitation.

Prometheus Configuration

Below is an example Prometheus configuration, here 2 ByteBlower GUIs are being scraped for results. These results are available on TCP port 8123. They are available as a text-format specified by Prometheus. These metrics can also be viewed from a web browser.

scrape configs:
  - job_name: "ByteBlower GUI"
      - targets: ["", ""]

The ByteBlower GUI will update the traffic results every second. Larger scenarios or reduced network connectivity between ByteBlower Server and GUI (e.g., VPN) reduce this rate.

Throughput metrics

The throughput is exported form the ByteBlower GUI through byteblower_gui_traffic_bytes This metric is represented by a counter. As a result there's both a _total and _created variant available.

This counter reports the total amount of bytes. This amount is reset at the start of each scenario. This counter is used both for FrameBlasting and TCP flows.

The following labels are added by the ByteBlower GUI on this metric:

In addition, Prometheus inserts the labels instance and job. These can be useful in case of multiple ByteBlower GUIs.

In practice the above means:

Deprecated: Results are also exported from the gauge bbgui_scenario_throughput_bytes. This metric is deprecated.

Latency metrics

Latency is reported by the following gauges:

The following labels are added on these metrics:

This metric is only available for FrameBlasting flows.

Out-Of-Sequence metrics

Out-of-Sequence results are available from the metric byteblower_gui_out_of_sequence. This counter is available on each FrameBlasting Flow where out-of-sequence is enabled.

Like the throughput counter, this metric is restarted at the beginning of each scenario. The reported unit is the total number of reordered packets.

The following labels are added on these metrics: