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Tutorial: 8. Run the final script

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Now the script is finished, we can run it. Just open a terminal and start a TCL console tclsh or wish. On Windows just start wish.exe ( normally located in the start menu ).

user@host:~$ wish

Now the wish is loaded, lets source our script aka hello-byteblower-world.tcl

1 source hello-byteblower-world.tcl

Yippee yah yeah, your script is running, your first automated test with the ByteBlower API is created. If all is connected well you sould get some output like this


Result of this back-to-back scenario
{-tx {NrOfFramesSent 1000 ByteBlowerObject_1381496571_10 1000} -rx {NrOfFrames 1000}}

So, that's all folks!

Now we finished the basic tutorial, you should be able to use our examples and extend them at your own needs!