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FrameTag.Metrics Class Reference

Class which represents the metrics of a Tag. More...


 Returns the alignment value for this tag. More...
 Returns a textual description of the object.
 Returns the length of the tag. More...
 Returns the parent object.

Class overview

Class which represents the metrics of a Tag.

The metrics of a tag are parameters describing the length and byte alignment of a frame.

The metrics can only be read, because they are determined by the tag format and the server type.

Definition at line 4642 of file api.tcl.

Method documentation


Returns the alignment value for this tag.

Some frame tags must be aligned with the start of a frame. This means the tag must start at a multiple of <x> bytes within a frame, where <x> is the alignment value. The default value is one.

Frame alignment requirements are caused by hardware limitations as a new tag must be included in every frame that is sent.

The alignment value of this tag.



This example illustrates how the alingment value of a timestamp tag can be retrieved;

1 [[$frame FrameTag.Time.Get ] Metrics.Get] Alignment.Get



Definition at line 4660 of file api.tcl.


Returns the length of the tag.

The number of bytes in a Frame that will be overwritten by this tag.

Note that this byte range does not need to be contiguous! More specifically, if the tag alignment is larger than one, a single byte containing the offset to the aligned tag may be stored separately.

The length of the tag in bytes.

This example shows the how to retrieve the length of a sequence tag:

1 [[$frame FrameTag.Sequence.Get] Metrics.Get ] Length.Get



Definition at line 4681 of file api.tcl.