class byteblowerll.byteblower.ByteBlowerPortResultData(*args, **kwargs)

ByteBlower port counter result set.

The result set contains three different counters:

  • a Unicast counter, which counts all received unicast Ethernet frames.
  • a Broadcast counter, which counts all received broadcast Ethernet frames.
  • an All counter, which counts all received Ethernet frames.


The ‘all’ counter can be seen as the combination of the unicast and the broadcast counter.


See What’s new in API v2 for more information.

A ByteBlower port result data snapshot object can be created via a ByteBlowerPortResultData or ByteBlowerPort.ResultSnapshot


Receive all frames on “trunk-1-2” of some server, matching UDP source or destination port 67.

 result = port.ResultHistoryGet()
 resultData = result.CumulativeLatestGet()
__init__(*args, **kwargs)


DescriptionGet(*args) Gets a textual description for the current object
IntervalDurationGet() Gets the configured duration of this results snapshot [NS].
ParentGet() Returns the parent object.
Refresh() Retrieves the latest data from the server for this object.
RxAllGet() Gets the received counters for the port.
RxBroadcastGet() Gets the received broadcast counters for the port.
RxUnicastGet() Gets the received unicast counters for the port.
TimestampGet() Gets the snapshot timestamp [NS].
__init__(*args, **kwargs)