class byteblowerll.byteblower.FrameMobile(*args, **kwargs)

A FrameMobile is an object that configures the payload of a frame belonging to a StreamMobile object.

A FrameMobile object is used for frame blasting. It is configured by a StreamMobile object and will be transmitted by the WirelessEndpoint.

New in version 2.6.0.


This example will show how to add a frame to a stream and configure the payload.

 frame = stream.FrameAdd()
 frame_tag = frame.FrameTagTimeGet()
__init__(*args, **kwargs)


DescriptionGet(*args) Gets a textual description for the current object
FrameTagTimeGet() Returns the FrameTagTx object related to the timestamp injection for this frame.
ParentGet() Returns the parent object.
PayloadGet() A method which returns the payload of a frame.
PayloadSet(payloadString) A method which sets the payload of a frame.
Refresh() Retrieves the latest data from the server for this object.
ResultClear() Clears the transmit counters.
ResultGet() Returns the transmit counters.
ResultHistoryGet() Returns the current transmit history counters.
__init__(*args, **kwargs)