class byteblowerll.byteblower.NetworkInfoMonitorResultHistory(*args, **kwargs)

History for the network info monitor representing the results over time

New in version 2.11.0.


deviceInfo = self.wireless_endpoint.DeviceInfoGet()
networkInfo = deviceInfo.NetworkInfoMonitorAdd()
history = networkInfo.ResultHistoryGet()
__init__(*args, **kwargs)

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


Clear() Clears all results of the monitor
DescriptionGet(*args) Gets a textual description for the current object
IntervalGet() Returns the collected intervals
IntervalGetByIndex(index) Return an interval as specified by the index in the list
IntervalGetByTime(timestamp) Return an interval as specified by the timestamp it was created
IntervalLatestGet() Return the last interval snapshot created
IntervalLengthGet() Returns the number of collected interval snapshots
ParentGet() Returns the parent object.
Refresh() Retrieves the latest data from the server for this object.
RefreshTimestampGet() Time in nanoseconds when the data was last retrieved
SamplingIntervalDurationGet() Returns the duration of one result interval
SamplingIntervalDurationSet(inDuration) Sets the duration of one result interval
__init__(*args, **kwargs) Initialize self.


thisown The membership flag