class byteblowerll.byteblower.NetworkInterface(*args, **kwargs)

NetworkInterface information of the wireless endpoint.

Represents a network interface of a wireless endpoint.

New in version 2.6.0.


from byteblowerll.byteblower import ByteBlower
server = ByteBlower.ServerAdd('')
__init__(*args, **kwargs)


DescriptionGet(*args) Gets a textual description for the current object
DisplayNameGet() Returns the display name of the interface.
IPv4Get() Returns a list of IPv4 addresses of this interface.
IPv6GlobalGet() Returns a list of the Global IPv6 addresses of this interface.
IPv6LinkLocalGet() Returns a list of the LinkLocal addresses of this interface.
MacGet() Returns the mac-address of the interface.
NameGet() Returns the name of the interface.
ParentGet() Returns the parent object.
Refresh() Retrieves the latest data from the server for this object.
__init__(*args, **kwargs)