class byteblowerll.byteblower.ICMPv6EchoSession(*args, **kwargs)

Session for handling ICMPv6 Echo Requests and Replies.

This Session uses the ICMPv6 protocol for receiving and / or transmitting ICMPv6 Echo Request and / or Replies An ICMPv6 session can be created using ICMPv6Protocol.SessionAdd()

Some use cases for this session are:

DUT validation

Verify some DUT behavioural items

  • Verify whether Echo Request / Replies are filtered out or not
  • Verify public / private connectivity for Routers, NAT gateways, …
DUT stability
Verify that Echo Replies are received during stability tests
__init__(*args, **kwargs)


DataSizeGet() Returns the data size of our ICMPv6 Echo Requests.
DataSizeSet(inDataSize) Configures the data size.
DescriptionGet(*args) Gets a textual description for the current object
EchoLoopCountGet() Returns the Echo Request count.
EchoLoopCountSet(arg2) Configures the Echo Request count.
EchoLoopIntervalGet() Returns the Echo Request interval.
EchoLoopIntervalSet(inTimeNs) Configures the Echo Request interval.
EchoLoopStart() Starts sending Echo Requests in a loop.
EchoLoopStop() Stops sending Echo Requests in a loop.
EchoRequestSend() Transmit an ICMPv6 Echo Request.
EchoStatisticsClear() Resets the ICMPv6 Session statistics.
HopLimitGet() Getting the ICMPv6 Echo Request HopLimit.
HopLimitSet(arg2) Setting the ICMPv6 Echo Request HopLimit.
IdentifierGet() Getting the ICMPv6 Echo Request Identifier (Application ID)
ParentGet() Returns the parent object.
Refresh() Retrieves the latest data from the server for this object.
RemoteAddressGet() Returns the ICMPv6 Echo Request destination IPv6 address.
RemoteAddressSet(inIPAddress) Configure the destination IPv6 address.
SessionInfoGet() Returns the session information.
TrafficClassGet() Retrieves the ‘Traffic Class’ configuration of the IP layer.
TrafficClassSet(inTrafficClass) Configures the ‘Traffic Class’ used at the IP layer.
__init__(*args, **kwargs)